Teststation TX400

Simple and quick adjustments and responsive to operation display test of gas detectors

To implement the increasing demandsin the daily use of gas detectors, thetest station TX400 has been developedspecially for a rapid executionof the operational display test witha test gas equipment and a possibleneed for a sensor adjustment. TheTeststation TX400 enables a cost-effectiveand at the same time flexibleand mobile use.

Fast on site sensor adjustment

The test station TX400 can quickly andeasily readjust the sensitivity of thesensors. The progress of the adjustmentand the Calibration-Report (gas)are displayed on the device display.

Worldwide fast growing tendency to an operational display test

The operational display test is alsoworldwide accepted and demanded,under a rising use trend. National andincreasingly international authoritiesand organizations active in the OccupationalSafety area consider theoperational execution of the test as aguarantee for a reliable use and safeoperation of the mobile gas detectors.

Requirements for the use and operation of portable gas detectors

Requirements for the operation anduse of gas detectors are described inDIN EN 60079-29-2*1. The aforementionedstandard strongly recommendsthe daily carrying out of adisplay test with a suitable gas testingequipment. The DGUV Information213-057 leaflet T023 "Gas warningequipment for explosion protection"and DGUV Information 213-056, T021"Gas warning equipment for toxicgases/vapours and oxygen" of the BGRCI demands also the implementationof Visual controls and operationaldisplay tests>. Gas detectors areworking means within the meaningof the regulation of health andsafety in the use of work equipment(Betriebssicherheitsverordnung-BetrSichV).

Display test

As part of the operational display test,the following functions are tested andstored both in the device and in theTX400: The response of the sensorfunctionality regarding both the opticaland the acoustic alarm

Additional testing capabilities for:
Response time for alarm 1
Response time for alarm 2
Response time t50 or t90

Data storage

Through the simple and convenientrecording of all required data, therequirements for performing the recordingof the operational displaytests results are met.

Quick and easy testing

The display test automatically teststhe measurement functions of thesensors and the triggering of thealarms of the gas detector. The rapidtesting carried enables the gas detectorsto quickly become ready forreuse. The display test is performedwithin 20 seconds.

Complete documentation

The results and data are saved bothin the gas warning device and alsoin the test station, after each test.Thanks to the integrated SD card,it is possible to quickly and easilymonitor the operational display teston site.

By storing the test resultsand the subsequent reading of thedata via the USB interface, a datamanagement in a PC is possible. Allmeasured data are permanently recorded- for the lifelong use of theequipment.

Thus, no data will be lost evenwhen the gas detector is lost ordamaged.

Quick, easy and inexpensive

Compared to a manual testing, theeffort involved is extremely reduced.The time saving due to the automaticdocumentation of the test results andthe electronic detection of data is asupplementary advantage. In addition,a decreasing sensor sensitivityand the response behaviour of thesensors is timely detected by the teststation and correspondingly adjusted.

Significant reduction of the total operation costs

With the use of TX400, the total runningcosts, the gas consumption, thedrafting of the documentation, andthe time needed for the display testare significantly reduced. For example,the costs of the display test ona multi-gas meter were calculatedby 0.49 euros per each gas detector.

Practical transport case

A special case has been designedfor the safe transport of the test gascylinder, removal fitting device, teststation, power supply unit, vehicleadapter and a strudy transportationcase. A fixed position is provided forall components - no slipping or rattlingparts, no annoying cables. Thefoam insert is designed to protect and secure the perfect transport ofthe GfG products.

Flexible use

The power supply of the station canbe done in the car or on a trolleywhich dispose of a 12V or 24V powersupply socket.

Extensive range of test gases

Depending on the sensor equipmentof the gas detector, different testgases are required. For this purpose,handy test gas bottles containing agas or mixed gases are available.A mixed gas bottle can be used fortesting, for example, CO, CO2, O2,CH4 and H2S, being able to carryout up to 464 tests.


  • Operational display test and on site logging
  • Up to 464 tests per one mixed gas bottle (58 Litre)
  • Quick on site adjustments
  • Documentation
  • Easy operation
  • Fast and user-friendly Testing
  • No PC necessary
  • Affordable
  • Reduces test gas and
  • Reduced operation costs due to decreased operational times
  • Maximal protection offered by a precise and accurate device
  • Meets the DGUV requirements of the T 021 and T023 data sheets, as well as of the standard DIN EN 60079-29-2
  • Always at handy and mobile Optimisation of the operating costs
  • Extensive range of test gases
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